Santy Claus is coming

We have a tradition in my family that started 14 years ago. Sometime before Chrismtas, Santa comes to visit us at our house. It’s a big thing with lots of extended family. We eat sandwiches, visit, and all take a turn sitting on Santa’s lap. It is one of my most favorite Christmas traditions. This year we took it up at notch at my sister-in-laws request. She wanted to sing Christmas carols. We aren’t exactly a singing family, but it was so fun singing carols. It really feels like Christmas now.

While looking for some pictures for what I am going to write next, I found this one of me with Santa in 1991, which I believe was the first year he came.


And here’s the boys with Santa this year. I also had my turn on his lap, but I didn’t like any of the pictures of me so you just get the boys. Someday I am sure I will have to grow up and not sit on Santa’s lap, but I assure you this year, I was still a kid at heart.

December 323_1.jpg

December 384_1.jpg

So that leads me to my most memorable Christmas presents ever. I wanted to have pictures for every one of these, but my mom has failed me with her picture taking. She obviously isn’t a scrapbooker! Here are my top 5 most memorable Christmas presents, in chronological order.

1. Pogo ball, circa 1987. I wish I still had mine. I love that thing!


2. Double Dare board game, circa 1988. Oh, how I loved Double Dare! To me, this game was almost like being on the real gameshow. Minus the slime.

3. Brown leather bomber jacket, circa 1992. I was in 7th grade and this was the must have fashion item of the year. All Christmas morning I thought I did not get it and there was no hiding my disapppointment. But my sneaky “Santas” had hid it in the backyard, along with my little brother’s new bike.

4. Digital camera, circa 2003. I had one on my list for 2 years before I finally got one. Oh happy day! It really took my picture taking and scrapping up a notch.

5. Laptop computer with wireless, circa 2004. I put a laptop on my Christmas list as a joke. I wanted one, but I knew it was completely out of our Christmas budget. My sweet, sneaky husband found one for me. One of his lab partners was selling his old one and Derek bought it from him. I was utterly shocked when I opened it. I literally thought that it was just a joke. I love my computer!

Christmas 070_1.jpg

Only 2 more sleeps til Christmas!

5 Replies to “Santy Claus is coming”

  1. you had better believe that 12:01 am, Sunday morning we are going to ass rush Mom and Nick’s bedroom so that we can go down stairs to open presents.

  2. Oh my goodness. My friends and I were talking about those pogo ball things just a couple days ago. We couldn’t think of the name. They said it was pogo ball, I didn’t believe them. It looks like I’m wrong, again.

  3. Love these fun photos and your count down of memorable gifts! What a fun idea! Love it! :)))
    I hope you are doing well miss…and enjoying being closer to your family too! :)))

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