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Down memory lane. I’ve been trying to think of a catchy title for some blogging that I am going to do every week. Today I will call it Memory Lane Monday. But I also considered “People who’ve made in impact on my life one way or another.” But that’s a little long.

I think I’ve been inspired by two things. First, my old friend Sarah coming to visit for a bit last week. And second, my friend Suzanne’s blog from a few days ago. I’ve decided that once a week I am going to dig up some old pictures and just take a little trip.

This week’s destination is my most major and longest lasting crush (besides Derek.) Meet Blake.

blake1.jpg I don’t even remember exactly when we met. We went to church together forever, and I had the biggest crush on him all through Junior High. But he never really liked me except in a friendly/sisterly sort of way. He did like my best friend RyAnn for awhile, and amazingly enough we are still friends even though she stole my first love. I would get so nervous anytime I would see him. I would sometimes plan my route to my classes in order to bump into him. One time in 9th grade he complimented me on my glasses. You better believe I wore them all the time if I thought I would see him! I, of course, tried to play it cool anytime we talked. I’m not sure Blake ever knew that I had such a crush on him until we were in high school. We ended up being really great friends, and I confessed my junior high feelings. I am sure that we had a good laugh about it.


I haven’t seen Blake in several years now, but I happen to know that he is getting married this summer. I’m sure we’ll run into each other someday, and we can laugh again about how much I liked him. The great unrequited love of my life.

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  1. I like your idea for “memory lane monday”. Very original! Blake, blake. Who didn’t have a crush on blake? Do you still have those glasses? that’s too funny!

  2. cute! I love it! I think I had a “boyfriend burning party” when I got engaged to Eric? Did you ever see that Friends episode? All the old flames are now ash somewhere…so funny!
    I love this idea of pulling out old photos!

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