Future Rock Star

Future rock star, originally uploaded by Mamameg.

Love this little music lover. This is his favorite thing to do right now. I hope that he always loves music the way he does at this moment. He is constantly singing, constantly asking for his guitar or daddy’s guitar. When he hears the drums, he is spellbound. I can just tell that music is already in his soul and it makes me so happy. I love this boy.

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  1. That is great – we have decided that Macy is going to be our music lover – Kenzie loves to sing and dance but Macy goes straight for the guitar every time that she can and she loves to sit and listen to Kip play. That is about the only time she will be still.

  2. I love asparagus too. I cook mine to crisp-tender in the microwave with a little butter and lemonpepper…ummmmm! How do you cook yours?

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