I’m not dead yet

Can I just say that I really feel the love when people wonder where I am? I guess I’ve always loved attention, so attention to my blog is right up my ally. So thanks for the love!

I just really haven’t had too much to blog about. Well, that and I’ve been really busy. Here’s a quick run down of the past week or so…this might get really boring…

My mom has her spring break right now so she came down to visit us. I love having my mom around! It’s especailly nice right now because D is out of town. She arrived on Sunday, so Saturday was spent cleaning up the house..which I usually do on Fridays, but I had to run errands that day. Sunday, we went to church and then picked up mom from the airport, at which point I had a very unfortunate run in with an extrememly rude security guard. I tried to tell the guy my mom was right behind us-because she was-and he wouldn’t let me sit there for 10 more seconds. He was acutally radioing in my license plate. Oh, was I mad. I mean, my mom was right there and he made me leave. Ugh.

Monday we took care of Kayla, brother’s little girl. Then Kathy (my sister in law) and I went shopping in the afternoon. We finished the night with dinner at Kathy’s house. Today I had a doctor’s appointment, followed immediately by a picture appointment at Sears. Kathy and I wanted to get pics made of our kids together, plus everyone needed some individuals. Wanna see them? Here they are.





Bored yet?

Today my mom and I got the garden ready, and once Connor got up from rest time, we planted our garden! I am so excited about my little garden. I’ve never had one before. Connor was so cute and so serious about planting the seeds. I can’t wait to see some little sprouts-I am sure you will all be anxiously awaiting those pictures!

March 052_1.jpg

March 057_1.jpg

In other news, my sweet Logan B is walking! Well, walking might be a bit of a stretch, but he is taking steps. I’ve even captured it with the video camera, but I’m too lazy to upload it tonight. But here is a picture of my big boy standing tall. You can tell by his face that it takes an immense amount of concentration.

March 044_1.jpg

So there’s a big update for y’all. Better blogging to come, I promise.

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  1. I was about to start worrying about you! Yay for the new walker! Exciting stuff! OH, after seeing so many pictures of your family, I think I saw your brother and mom at a wedding (Stephen Patterson’s) like a week ago. I almost went up and talked to them, but I didn’t want to look like a fool! HA! I mean seriously, how weird would it be for a random to come up to someone and say, “Hey I’ve seen pictures of you on the internet, you’re Megan’s family right?” Just a BIT creepy.

  2. HA!! Well I’ve know Stephen for quite some time, through Daniel Stinson (my cousin). Stephen and Rachael (his wife) have become some of my ACU friends. That is so funny! I should’ve talked to your fam, EVEN if I looked like the Psycho of 2006. Next time I will, so tell your mom to beware!

  3. Oh Megan…your blog is never boring. We just like to hear what’s goin’ on in your life!

    I have to comment to Lindsey (whoever you are) if you know Megan at all…you know that Sarah & Patrick would have given you a big hug if you’d have come up and told them you knew them from Megan’s blog! They would’ve thought that was so cool! You should have!

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