homelessness, the parrot, and pure joy

Seeing homeless people is nothing new to us. When we lived in California, there were a bunch who lived right in our neighborhood, sometimes even sleeping in front of our apartment complex. I guess that’s what happens when you live one block from the freeway near one of the busiest roads in a not-so-nice part of a big city. But since moving to yuppieville surburbia, we just haven’t seen homeless people until this weekend.

Connor asked us why that man was standing the grass. We started explaing homelessness to him, and of course like any good 3 year old he asked a million questions.

“Why doesn’t he have a home?”
“Why doesn’t he have any money?”
“Where does he get food?”
“What if it rains?”

“Connor, we should pray for that man.” And right at that moment, the homeless man decided he needed to change his shorts. And he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Connor started praying, “dear Jesus please help that man to not get wet from the rain and not be scared of the thunder and not get zapped by lightening.”

Derek continued “and help that man to find a job and a home. And some new underwear. Amen.”

Logan has turned into a total mimic. Every single thing that Connor does, Logan does. Connor coughs at the table. Logan coughs. Connor puts his fork on his head. Logan follows. Connor spills his milk. Logan dumps his cup. So on and so forth. It’s really so funny. We need to get out the video camera because someday I’m sure Logan is going to adamantly insist on NOT being like his brother. And we can show him that once upon a time, he was Connor’s little parrot.

Want to see Connor is a state of pure bliss? My brother took him and Justin to NASA last week. They have this huge play area with like a 30 foot slide. Check out my boy!

PS-I didn’t choose those socks for him. He is so pumped about soccer that he likes to wear his socks all the time. Choose your battle….choose your battles.

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  1. once again, your post made me laugh!!

    maybe you guys should buy that guy some underware for the next time you see him!!!

    Jaxon is a little parrot right now too! It’s pretty fun stuff!!!

    I still want to get together so the boys can play….

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