The boys and I got back today from the quickest trip ever to Arlington. We left on Monday morning to visit RyAnn, Braxton, and Brock. While there, we got to see all the family, had a visit from Santa, and went to the park with Ry and the the boys. Connor got stung by a bee-looks like he’s not allergic to bees, thank goodness. When he got stung, I had visions of him going into anaphalactic shock and his throat closing. Did you know that you can put meat tenderizer OR tobacco on it? We were lucky that this nice man (who badly needed to visit the dentist…) had a cigarette to take apart and apply to Connor’s finger. As soon as the tobacco was on the sting, Connor stopped crying. I was skeptical, but it worked.


Ry and I also got to go to dinner alone, which was great.

Now we are home, and I am all ready to go with Connor’s class to the nursing home to sing tomorrow. My Christmas cards are addressed and ready to go out tomororw (except for a few… I actually had to order more cards this year! I underestimated how many cards I want to send.) I have pics to share from Santa, but I’m too lazy to get them off my camera right now. And this is probably the most boring blog post ever. I really did have somethng interesting to write about, but somehow now it is gone from my brain.

I could write about how seeing Braxton gave me that baby urge just the tiniest bit…
Or about how much I love the dvd player we bought for the car. And how much Connor loved this movie about the planets that Santa brought. He watched it (and I listened to it) 8 times on the way home. 8 times. Oh yeah. Those songs aren’t annoying at all. But I really shouldn’t complain, because he was happy for the 4 hour car ride.

I am boring myself now. Good night!

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  1. The tobacco on an insect sting does work! My paternal grandmother dipped snuff (you have to remember this was at least 50 years ago)and I remember stepping on a wasp when I was about Connor’s age. She put snuff on it and the pain instantly stopped. I never got to try this remedy on any of my kids since we are not tobacco users, but I’m glad you were close to a smoker so Connor got to try this for his sting.

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