This is addicting

House projects. Once I get started on one, my mind starts racing with a million things. It’s both good and bad. It’s good because of all the ideas floating around in my head. It’s bad because I know that it won’t last forever. I have to slow down, do a little at a time, or I get burned out. I painted my room all week, one wall at a time. I learned something about myself. In the past, I paint, paint, paint all in a day or two. And after about an hour, maybe two at the most, I start to do a really bad job. But if I just do a little bit at a time, then every detail looks pretty good, I don’t get burned out, and I actually enjoy it. I think this is backwards from most people. Most of my friends who I have talked to in the past week about this are the opposite-they want to get it done. Which way are you? Get it done, or enjoy the process? I think I am just all around an enjoy the process kind of girl. I am like that with scrapbooking. It’s more about enjoying the process and the creativity than about getting it done or being caught up. Anyway, I digress.

House projects. More specifically, the bedroom project. It’s painted (thanks Cindi and Denise for the color idea-I went with Sherwin Williams Blonde. I highly recommend it!) I bought a cool thing for over the bed, which I think I am going to expand from eventually. I revamped and revitalized the dresser. I wanted to wait until I had the whole thing put together to share pictures, but we all know I don’t have the patience for that. When I get excited about something, I have to share right that second! Plus, this is going to take me the next month or two to completely finish up. I have to hit Hobby Lobby each week for sale items. 🙂

Here is the wall behind the bed:
(Sidenote…these were taken at night and don’t really do the color justice. I promise it’s not the same as the old color, despite the way it might look in these pictures.)


And here is my favorite part so far (ok, the only other part that is done…) The dresser. Remember this:


Now it’s this:


I LOVE it! I told Derek we were not allowed to stack our junk up on the dresser anymore. We aren’t kids! We are grown ups, and grown ups don’t clutter up their dressers. (I pretty much guarantee that we will clutter it up, but it’s still a nice thought.)

Tomorrow I am headed back to Hobby Lobby for one more look around, and to Lowe’s to look for new hardware for the dresser and to scope out curtain rods. My mind is racing with fun ideas for Connor’s room. It’s going to need to be redone since he ripped down the border I so lovingly put up…I want to paint the living room an earthy, not too dark, green, but first I need to do something with the forest green fireplace…not to mention the forest green backsplash in the kitchen that needs to go…and maybe, just maybe in the future a cute, new nursery…so many ideas!

I’m giddy. I love my house.

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  1. Megs…this is so fun! Love your new decorating that you have done! Looks so BEAUTIFUL!!! :))) Sounds like you are on a roll too! I can’t wait to see more now! xoxo Loves, K

  2. I can’t wait to see the finished product! It looks awesome so far. The dresser looks really nice and I like the wall color too.

  3. I absolutely love the decorations!!! Espeically the one above the bed!! Miss you and glad to hear you’re enjoying decorating!

  4. **Looks fabulous girlfriend! You go Candice Olsen the 2nd (designer for Divine Design on HGTV 😉 Anyhoo, luv it all! You’re on a roll and ain’t no stoppin ya now! Oh that’s a Disco song ” ain’t no stoppin us now… we’re on the move” If you don’t know it, just go with it! ROFLOL

  5. I love it! You know – when you go to Hobby Lobby – look in the garden area for things for your wall -that is where I find a lot of things – it is much cheaper and soooo cute! The dresser is awesome!

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