Instructions or the Man

I made it to Lowe’s today to find new hardware for the dresser and table, and when I could not find hardware that would fit into the existing holes on the dresser, I decided I would get some curtain rods. I love them. The are black and have a little swirly flourish on the end, and they are going to look great with whatever sheer curtains I pick out. At first, I decided it would be wise to wait and let Derek install them. But, as always, I got excited and decided to do it myself. I read the instructions and gather the tools called for-a drill, a level, a pencil, and a screwdriver. I put in the first call to Derek-where are the drill bits? And he, with skepticism in his voice, wants to know what I am drilling. He informs me that I don’t need a drill to put a screw in the wall, that our handy electric screwdriver will do the job just fine. Even if I am putting the screw into a stud. So I measure, level, remeasure, and level again. The moment of truth. My heart starts to race, my face flushes with pride, and I feel so independent and handy. And, before I even realize what’s happening, the screw head is falling to the ground, leaving about 1/2 inch of screw body sticking out of the wall. I put in another call to Derek. Use pliers, he says, or just wait until he gets home. I decide the second option is the better one.

But, there are two more windows. And, I can be handy, I know it! I start on the second window. I get all 4 screws in the wall, just like the instructions say. I attach the hardware. I get the regular screwdriver to tighten and finish up the job. And two more screw heads fall to the ground. I put in yet another call to Derek. He chuckles good-naturedly (because, let’s just be honest. Pretty much any time I try to build or install something, I screw it up somehow.) At this point I decide for real to wait for Derek to fix it.

But I think I learned an important lesson today. When the instructions call for a drilled hole, it’s probably a good idea to just go with it. Despite what big, strong, handy hubby says.

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