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Florida vacation is officially over. We left at 2:00 p.m on Saturday and arrived home at midnight. The kids did really great again. Connor watched a full length Thomas movie on repeat, and Logan slept the last 3 or 4 hours. When Thomas and the Magic Railroad finished the first time, Connor exclaimed “mommy, that was a movie AND it even had a story!” and he explained the plot to me. It was like the first time he realized that there is more to movies than just songs or learning or something. Connor also spent a lot of time underneath a tent he constructed around his booster seat. I should have taken a picture of it, but my camera was out of reach. I am glad that my creative Connor can find ways to entertain himself on a 10 hour car ride.

There’s not much to report since being home. It’s just been busy trying to catch up on life in general. Connor went back to school today, and Logan went to the doctor for his two year check up. Logan is smaller at 2 years old than Connor was at 1 year old! He is 36.5 inches (which is actually tall-95th%-but Connor was 39 inches at 2) and he weighs just under 30 pounds (Connor weighed 38 pounds.) Logan is speech delayed, which I knew. Up until a few months ago he only had a handful of words. Now he has lots of words, but almost all of them are so mispronounced that only Derek, Connor, and I understand them. By 2 years, 50% of speech should be understandable by a stranger. Um, I don’t think I understand 50% of what he says! Anyway, Our doctor is going to refer us to ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) for possible speech and language therapy. It’s one of those things that’s better to deal with now rather than later. And when they are 3 they get referred to the public schools, but if he hasn’t been seen by ECI then the schools take forever to see him-a year or even more. I’m not worried about him catching up, but I do feel just a tiny bit bad….like maybe I didn’t read to him enough or interact with him enough. It seems like there was a full year when Logan was just under the radar because we were having so many issues with Connor. Dealing with C took all my energy, and Logan was shortchanged. All mom’s have insecurities, and this is definitely one of mine.

I have another 45 minutes until I have to go pick up Connor, and Logan is sleeping, so I am going to take advantage of this free time! One more funny Connor story. Connor was watching one of his favorite movies, My Fantastic Field Trip to The Planets the other day. The movie starts with our star, Jake, missing the bus to go on the field trip to the planetarium. That night, he whines (and I mean whines…Jake drives me nuts!) to his mom about his disappointment. “aw, don’t worry Jake. We can go tomorrow.” “But mom, not to the planetarium. Today was the last day.”

C-“hey dad. Do you know where the planetarium is?
D-“No. Where?”
C” It’s that planet that’s really far away. The Planet Arium. It’s super far away.”

Okay, did you guys click on the link to the video that I posted? Do me a favor. Click on it. When you get to the home page, click on Music Clips. Then click on the Juipter and Saturn one and listen to the whole clip. About halfway through you will hear something that makes me believe with my whole heart that I could someday be a musical star. Now I want you to imagine listening to the entire 30 minute video on repeat during a 4 hour car ride. That’s 8 times. That is what got to endure on one of our trips up to Dallas. Thanks mom and Nick for giving that gem of a movie to Connor!

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  1. I’m really sorry you are having to go through all of this with Logan. Ethan had speech problems and had to see someone and now he is as normal as ever…well as normal as can be expected of a Stork baby! Anyway, I hope everything works out and that you feel God’s comfort through it all.

  2. Hi Meg! Sorry to hear about Logan but these things tend to work themselves out really quickly. Try not to worry.
    I can’t seem to open your link to the planet movie but I am positive this is the same movie that Evan has. Does it go: Venus is number one, the first planet from the sun and so on? UGHHH! Super annoying I know. I can’t find the case to Ev’s to check if it’s the same. Trust me I feel your pain! I know this is of no help, but Evan just turned 7 and it is still his favorite! At least I will always remember the planets in exact order now! Try to have a good week!

  3. You know Derek didn’t really talk at 3!! He never had any kind of therapy, but I think it is great that they have referred Logan to ECI. It’s a wonderful program. We run the ECI services for all about 13 counties in N.Central Texas and they do wonderful things for kids.

    Don’t, repeat, don’t blame yourself! Derek was the first child who got all my time and attention. I read, talked, sang, etc. with him all the time. He wasn’t hearing well and that caused his speech delay – just fluid in his ears with no pain or fever so I didn’t know anything was going on. It will work out with Logan!

  4. Meg,
    Dava Lynn is a speech pathologist. You should e-mail or call her just to talk about any concerns or feelings you are having. I will e-mail you her address. I’m sure that she would love to talk to you about this. I love you, and you don’t need to feel like Logan has been short changed. I feel this way sometimes too for Lafe when we are having to deal with Wade, but it’s all part of being in a family! You’re a great mom and your kids love you very much!!! You should be proud.


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