Chipotle, I love you!

During our trip to Arlington this weekend, I decided to run a 10k with Cindi. That is only the second time I have run since the incident that shall not be named. Perhaps running 6 miles after 3 months of nothing was a bit ambitious…I did finish, and I am inspired to start running again, but I am not sure I have ever been this sore before. I grunt every time I have to stand up, bend over, or climb stairs. Anyway, one of the sponsers of the race was Chipotle, one of my very favorite restaurants. They had a wheel a la The Price is Right, and I won two free burritos (ok, I admit that I did go through the line twice…) D and I decided to use them tonight, but unfortunately for us, the coupons are only good for Chiptole’s in Ft. Worth. But, D took the coups anyway, just to see if maybe they would accept them. Well, the didn’t. No surprise. But the surprise is the manager gave us our burritos for free anyway tonight! It felt like our lucky day! Now I love Chipotle even more! They won some customers for life tonight, that’s for sure!

I feel like there is lots to blog about, but quite honestly I am zonked. I don’t know if I have been this tired in a long time. April has been completely insane. We either had family visiting or we were out of town for 18 days this month (and the past 15 in a row). As much as I love visiting with family, I am ready to get back to normal life.

You might be wondering about the pink blog…yes, I am changing it up. I don’t think I will keep it that color, but I was in a very pink mood that day. New banner and look coming soon! Part of the reason I am changing is because I want to get my blog turned into a book., but I have to change the software.

I am going to sleep so good tonight.

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  1. I wish we had Chipolte here! That’s awesome that you got free burritos!! I slept so good last night, it was just not long enough! I can’t wait to get home tonight!!

    I’ve been editing my blog for blurb too. It’s a lot of work! Staci opened a can of worms! I hope you have a good, normal day!

  2. It was good to see you this weekend. I had fun visiting with you. Just wish we had some more time and that Suzanne could’ve come over too. Love you, JB.

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