Did you know that today is National Scrapbook Day? Pretty cool that we have our own holiday, huh! I have been doing some scrapping and plan to keep at it all day. (Sorry, Derek!) But I thought I would take a little break and blog.

Guess what we did this morning? Got up and ran 3 miles! I am back on the running wagon again. Derek and I are running together with the boys 2-3 times a week. One week down, many to go! I am am actually contemplating training for the marathon again…but I also want to have another baby…marathon…or baby…hmmm…

It feels good to run again. Really good.

Last night I made Rice A Roni with dinner (along with pork chops, pasta salad, and green beans. It was, as Ray Ray would say, Yummo!) Rice A Roni has made some changes to their directions that I must comment on. I threw away the box, so I can’t give you the word for word directions, but they went something like this:

1) Brown rice vermicelli in 2 T of butter or margarine containing No Trans Fats.
2) Add 2 cups of water and seasoning packet and bring to a boil. (For best flavor, do not add seasoning packet)
3) Reduce heat and simmer 15-20 minutes.
4) For best flavor, stir in special seasoning and let sit 3-4 minutes.

Okay, Rice a Roni people…of course I want the best flavor possible! Why would you think that I want the option of sub-par creamy cheese flavor? I found those instructions really weird. I added the seasoning packet last, and it really was delicious. Even Derek, Mr. I-don’t-like-cheese-flavor, thought it was really good.

The boys went swimming yesterday afternoon. Because posts are way more fun if they contain pictures, here are my two favorite pictures from yesterday.



Back to the scrap table! Have a great Saturday!

6 Replies to “Saturday”

  1. What a fun day!! I love the action shot of Conner. Way to go on the running, I’m sure the boys love it too! Hope you got lots of scrapping done today!

  2. **Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Well good for you to start running again. Hmmm baby or running… I would say baby but that’s just me. =)
    haven’t seen the new directions for rice a roni, but hey glad you tried that way… gonna have to remember that… put the seasoning in at the end! Love the pics you shared today!

  3. Ok, so i just looked through your scrapbook pages!!!! You did get a lot done this weekend! They are all fab, as i expected! Friday Fun night sounds amazing! I loved the pics..I especially like Logan’s face… Love you….you are SO fun!

  4. I love the jumping picture!! How fun! I just started a jumping club on facebook, we need this picture posted! 🙂 Do you have a facebook account??

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