Wednesday already?

Dude, this week is flying by! Actually, this whole year has flown by! Connor’s last day of school is next week. It really feels like I just dropped him off for his first day. Last night, we attended his end of the year program. Is there anything cuter than a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds singing songs? I seriously love it SO much. I love when there is one kid who you can hear above everyone else, usually a few words ahead of the rest of the group. I love how you sometimes need subtitles to really understand what the group is saying. And I love that all their songs have clapping and jumping, which every single child does, even the ones who won’t sing.

I tried to get there early to get good seats, but you know how preschool parents can be…this was my view during the show:


I could at least see him, and Derek was up in the balcony video taping (along with most of the other men attending the show.)

First the 4 year old performed, then the 3 year olds, and then they all went back up for a few songs together. A few of the parents at the back had this great idea to go up to the front and sit on the pews that were previously reserved for the kids. What a great idea! I was totally that mom who moved to the front with her big camera to get pictures of her kid.


But I was not the parent who sat on the front row, straight up, blocking everyone’s view behind me. I consider myself to be a considerate person. I understand that everyone wants to see, and the least I can do is hunch down a little so the people behind me can see.

But let me tell you a story about the worst preschool parent ever.

It started before the kids even started singing. While the kids were all getting assembled, lots of parents filled the aisles at the front to get pictures. This mom (who, mind you, had front row seat minus the row of kids.), starts tapping everyone on the shoulder asking them move. She can’t get a clear shot with her video camera. We are all polite and move. The singing starts and I keep hearing sighs behind me. Someone from the back sneaks into the aisle again, crazy mom asks her to move, and I hear more grumbling. Being the polite person I am, I turned around to make sure that me or Logan (who was in the aisle) wasn’t blocking her view. “No” she grumbles “when I asked that other lady to move, I hit pause and missed that whole song!” I turned back around and rolled my eyes. I continue to hear sighing behind me. And muttering. “she keeps moving into my sight!. Ugh. I can’t see. She is blocking my view.” She is totally talking about me! Dude, lady. If someone moves into your line of sight, you simply adjust! I am hunched over as far as I can, and besides. You had a front row seat the entire show! After the show is over, she grumbles something about the standing order and the “tall kid” who was standing in front of her kid so she couldn’t see him. I have to laugh, because there is a chance she is talking about Connor. In fact, I sort of hope it was Connor standing in front of him! Is that bad? I think you had to be there to fully understand how obnoxious this mom was, but we all know them and have probably had an experience with one. This was my first yuppiville stage mom experience, but I am sure it won’t be the last.

In other family news, Logan had his speech evaluation this morning. His receptive, and expressive language was rated right at 25 months, so he actually isn’t delayed! But, he does qualify for therapy because of “atypical expressive language production”. He drops the ends of almost every word, and is very hard to understand most of the time unless you speak Logan like Derek, Connor, and I do. His therapist is going to come out just once a month to keep an eye on how he progresses. If after a few months he isn’t doing better on his own and with my help, then she will start coming more. The goal is to have him completely caught up by the time he is 3.

So that’s it for today! Happy Hump Day!

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  1. ha ha… I have been to a couple of performances of Audria’s 2nd grade class and the same type of stuff goes on! It is so funny to see the large group of men with video cameras in the back. I can understand recording a few minutes for posterity sake… but I am baffled by those who record the entire hour!! Of course that may change once I have kids…

  2. I LOVE your new banner! It is totally cute! And congrats to Connor on finishing his first year of school; I agree, the last year has flown by.

    Next time you attend a school program you’ll have to remember to wear a really tall hat…ha ha 🙂

    Happy Hump Day to you too!

  3. I like how you used the word “Dude” several times in your post 😉 I don’t think I’ve used that word in many years. Makes me think of Wayne’s World! lol

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