Friday Five

I love my friend Carrie’s Friday blog posts. It’s simple-just post 5 pictures. You all know I don’t need an excuse to post pictures, so every Friday I am going to play Friday Five along with Cares!

This weeks edition of FF highlights some pictures from our trip to Arlington a few weeks ago. Plus it’s easier for me to put these up for Suzanne and Maggie. If you guys click on them, they should be pretty big so you can save them to your computer. Saves me some emailing. 🙂

Maggie and Weaver. He has the roundest brown eyes ever, and he makes the cutest faces!

Maisy Girl. Connor cannot wait until she comes to visit us and we can take her to NASA. He talks about it nearly everyday. Sometimes he forgets her name and calls her Emily, which sort of makes me giggle. He loves her but cannot for the life of him remember her name.

Suzanne and Jaxon. Such a cute picture of you guys. I love Jaxon’s seriousness!

Ryan, Maggie, Me, and Derek. We got to go out sans children. It was great fun! I really wish Midland was closer to Houston.

Juli Beth, Me, and Staci. I can’t even remember when we became friends, but I am going to guess I met them about 20 years ago! Love them so much. In July, we will have the first official (wouldn’t we all love it if it was the first annual?) girls weekend with two more of our friends. It is going to be the most fun slumber party ever! Who cares if we are all in our late twenties!

Need something to blog about? Play Friday Five!

3 Replies to “Friday Five”

  1. I like Friday Five…I think I’ll play! Great pictures…what a fun weekend, but nowhere close to the fun we’ll have in July (we need to make it annual, we can take turns hosting!) I like the pic you took of Jax & I. Did you use a brown filter, or is that the orig. color?

  2. o gosh- you are the best at taking pics! We can’t wait to come see you either 🙂
    Watch out Shamu!!!!!!!!!!!!

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