Happenings since the hairball

Just a list of things going on in the ever-exciting Thurman family.

-We dogsat my brother’s dog, Baxter all week. He is such a good dog! He drives me nuts sometimes (I mean, c’mon, he’s a poodle…that is to be expected!) But he is really a good dog, so friendly, loves the kids, and is even pretty cute. He makes me want to get a dog-one that is already trained and perfect. Do those exist?


–The kids had dentist appointments this week. On our way out, the dentist asked if Logan sucked his thumb. I confessed that he does still take a paci at night and at naptime. Basically, the dentist could tell by Logan’s profile that he was sucking on something-he is getting an overbite from it. He said if we stopped now, it would most likely correct itself. But if Logan kept with the paci, his little jaw bones would begin to set like that, creating a bit of a problem. I already know that Logan has dental work in his future for what I like to call his snaggle teeth. Derek and I both had to have frenectomies, and that gene has certainly passed on.


So in an attempt to save him from even more possible dental work, it’s bye-bye paci. He’s done fairly well at nighttime so far, but nap time is a totally different story. Today I am trying all out bribery, but it’s a no go so far. He just flops and sings and talks and wiggles his entire nap time. I am hoping maybe in the next week or so he will adjust. The method I used to get Connor off the paci is not working with Logan very well, so I am just going cold turkey with lots of talking about what a big boy he is, and lots of praise and a treat when he goes night-night without it.

–After three and a half days on our own with D out of town, I decided the boys and I needed something really fun and special to do. I took them to see a movie! This is the first time I have ever attempted taking them to a movie. Logan has only been to one in his life, and he didn’t even make it 15 minutes before Derek was out in the lobby with him, getting their money back. Even Connor has only been a handful of times. Despite my fear that Logan or Connor wouldn’t make it through the movie, they did great! We saw Shrek the Third. I didn’t think it was quite as good as 1 or 2, but it was still pretty cute. I still think going to the movies will be a special treat (at $23 for 3 tickets and a popcorn, it’s definitely not something we will do all the time!) but at least now I know that going to the movies is a fun option for us.

IMG_0226.jpg IMG_0227.jpg

–update on the no paci nap. It’s been an hour and a half and he was being very quiet. I peeked in….thinking I would find him asleep…but no. He is practicing putting his shorts on. At least if he isn’t napping, he is practicing a good life-skill, right?
*****UPDATE! It’s 3:19…10 minutes since his pants-putting-on practice and he is asleep! A mere hour and 48 minutes since I put him down. But it’s better than yesterday when he stayed awake the whole two hours-I will take any sign of improvement.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Congrats on the nap, and the movie going. Are there no more crazy low child summer prices like there were in our day?!?

    I just posted the one that I promised.

  2. Check your theaters. In most areas they show kids movies during the morning/day time for $1 admission! I know AMC is having movies for $1 several days a week in the morning.

    Yay on the paci progress!

  3. Megan, you get the biggest dirtbag of the week award for taking a picture of your sons at the movie theater. However, I am glad that you did because I helps me connect with you guys all the way across the world. You’re still a dirtbag though.

  4. Good luck with the paci Meg! I know how hard it can be. We did the cold-turkey thing with Marlee too because she was just so super attached to it. (I swear she would take one back right now at 4 1/2 if I let her LOL!) It takes a couple of weeks but he will get it.

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