Road Kill

I sent Derek on a little errand to the grocery store this morning, and when he got home, he was all giddy like a 10 year old boy. The reason for the giddiness? Roadkill on our street. A dead possum to be exact. Derek quickly called the boys outside so they could take a closer look. It was still pretty fresh because it wasn’t all covered in bugs or starting to smell like it was by the end of the day.

I need another female in this house. Connor and Logan were as thrilled as Derek with the roadkill. Me…not so much. Possum’s always remind me of Sooner Youth Camp. They would run out in front of us on the way back to the cabin and totally freak us out. Well, maybe not Staci because she is so outdoorsy and good with creatures. Anyone know who to call to clean up roadkill? If it’s still there tomorrow I am going to figure out who takes care of things like that. Being a mom, there are lots of gross things that I have to clean up, but roadkill is definitely not one of them.
A few Logan stories from the past week or so…

Logan’s bedtime routine includes singing Happy Birthday to You to all the members of our family. That kid is a nut! It’s the song he requests every night.

Tonight he was calling me, so I went back to see what the issue was. I found him pants-less and diaper-less in his bed. The reason? He informed me his diaper was too tight.

Last week I took his diaper off outside and found a chuck E cheese token stuck to his butt cheek. I took a picture of it, but decided that maybe that wasn’t a blog appropriate picture.

Paci update-he is doing great! He is back to napping after only 20-30 minutes of talking to himself. It’s the same at bedtime. And there has only been one night where he came in in the wee hours asking for paci. Of course, I think the little booger bear has them stashed somewhere because he came into our room this morning sucking on one I haven’t seen for quite some time. But he willingly gave it up, all the while giving me that little Logan grin that I can’t resist.


And here is one Connor story.
We attended a birthday party last week, and Connor got into some trouble. We ended up leaving the party early because he could not get control of himself. This happens when it gets late and/or he is oversugared or overstimulated. He was suffering from all three. Anyway, on the way home I was giving him a good old mommy lecture about controlling his hands and his body, etc. etc. etc. After out talk, he was completely quiet in the car. Then he says in this little apologetic voice,
“mommy? I have this arrow inside of me and it got stuck on rough behavior and bad attitude.”
“Oh, really? Hmmm…well, do you know how to get the arrow unstuck?”
“Yes, I have a little switch right here on my neck and I can put the arrow back to good behavior. Now my arrow is on good behavior.”

Where does he come up with this stuff?? His imagination is always going, even when he is in trouble.
Latest pictures. I took these tonight. I admit I bribed them with candy to get them in the grass. Connor is apparently unimpressed with my bribes. But I still love this picture of him!


Love his baby blues!

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  1. Those pictures are so fabulous!!!! You are sooo good! The stories crack me up – I am so glad that you deal with all of this random child behavior also!

  2. I just noticed something funny: At the top of my computer – the tab always states the name of the blog and the title of the blog – right now yours says: “The Sweetest Thing: Road Kill”

  3. What’s funny is that the other morning on my way to work a possum stopped in front of my car on one of the dirt roads. I thought, “Maybe I should hit it?” But then I realized that maybe it’s just in the city that they are pests? I wasn’t exactly sure what they do (or eat)…so I had mercy 😉 Around here there’s a “dead wagon” from the county that goes around a picks up all the roadkill. I’m sure the City could tell you who to call.

    The boys look so cute in those pics. Conner is looking sooooo much older too!!!

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