Air Show

Every year, an air show comes right to our backyard, and we’ve all been looking forward to it for the past week. Connor was so excited about it on Thursday that he packed his backpack with all of his essentials-which included cars, a magna doodle, and “his cash” (exactly $1). Connor wanted us to all go to the ditch that runs behind out house to watch the air show. Well, we decided at the last minute to do one better than that! Since Nonny and Pops are in town visiting, we thought it would be really special and fun to actually go to the show. An hour and 20 minutes later, we were watching F-18’s scream by and the kids were asking to go home. It was just “too woud.” But, with some earplugs and some sunglasses, everything got better. We had a great time, despite the humidity that was downright oppressive at times and the temperatures that were in the 90s. My brother and his family ended up going too, which was fun.

Tonight, I asked Connor which part was his favorite. I figured he would say the Japanses Zero’s vs. some American planes that I can’t remember…they did a war simulation complete with fire and fake bombs. But no. His favorite part was climbing the rock wall with Justin and going in the bounce house. I kept reminding him about all the cool jets we saw on the ground, the helicopter he got to sit in, and all the planes that did tricks. But no, he stood strong. His favorite part was the bounce house and the rock wall. So typical!

The day in pictures:

The crew minus me.

Derek and Logan watching the F-18s.

Connor watching them.

Connor in the army helicopter.

Completely worn out, and protecting his ears from the loud jets.

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  1. oh I am so jealous- the air show was here not very long ago but we dicided not to go…I did not even think about it being loud! My kids would have died.

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