Yesterday I tried to sneak some m&m’s, and I got caught by Connor. Now, normally I would do one of two things: either eat them when he is asleep, or resign to sharing some of my yummy treats. Sharing was not an option yesterday since Connor was on restriction from all treats and privileges due to a little incident involving the playground, my son, spit, and another child. But it was a stressful afternoon, and I needed that chocolate.

Connor was happy as a clam dressed up as Super Grover, playing in his Super Grover tunnel made with couch cushions in our hallway. I was happy, sneaking my candy and catching up on blogs. He calls me into his cave, and we talk about whatever was on his mind. Suddenly, he interrupted himself and said,

“Mommy? what’s that smell?”
“What smell? I don’t smell anything.”
“Sniff in.”
sniff. “I still don’t smell it.”
“I smell something sugary.”
“Hmmmm…not sure what it is buddy.”
sniff. sniff. “Is it peppermint”
“Not sure, buddy.”
sniff. sniff. “Chocolate?”
“hmmmm….” He’s getting warmer…
“M&M’s. I smell M&Ms.”

And with that, I did what any mom would do. I changed the subject.

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  1. I guess it only gets worse as they get older. Gone are the days with Brayden when I can eat whatever I want in front of him without giving him some.Something you don’t think of until your there….
    By the way Chocolate is an everyday snack for me

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