October 18th

It’s 95 degrees outside today.
95 degrees.
Humidity at 52% (not too bad, I guess.)
Real feel temperature is 98 degrees.

This is what the kids are doing right now.



Actually, right this very second they are taking a Popsicle break. Hello, fall? Can you hear me? Please come visit us down in Houston. Thanks.

I have to brag on my super deal for a minute. I was at Kohl’s last week, looking for a new pair of jeans. I was browsing the clearance toy section and saw this water slide. It was originally $280, and I got it for $55. I was saving it for next summer, but you know. It’s 95 degrees out.

8 Replies to “October 18th”

  1. is there a weight limit on that slide?! i need to know what i have to weigh next summer in order to come over and play in the cool backyard with connor and logan.

  2. How fun! Did you know that Jana Kay and Travis are moving to Houston? David and I have talked about moving there before, and after reading this, I said “Nevermind moving to Houston.” I LOVE FALL!!! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t experience fall about this time. Of course, we’re not truly experiencing fall here, but it’s a lot better than 95 degrees!!!

  3. I wish our fall was that hot.. hehe.. send me some of your warm weather.. we need it as it’s only 40 degrees overhere!! BRRR.. so cold!! Have a great Sunday!!! XOXO

  4. Our high today is only supposed to be 54 degrees! It’s in the 40’s outside right now 😉 When we left Colorado yesterday…it was snowing!!! (Just a little info to make you miss fall even more! lol)

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