Check it out!

missing tooth

Do you see it?
Connor lost his first tooth today! It’s been loose for quite some time, but today a chicken nugget did it in. We were at the park with friends when it all went down. There were tears and fears-it was quite the dramatic event! In typical Connor fashion, he was totally freaked out by the whole thing (because it’s new and different). Inside, I was freaking out too. I had to pull it…it was hanging on by the tiniest thread and it had to come out. I was dreading that horrendous root-popping sound, but thankfully it was so loose that didn’t happen.

Of course, now he is so excited that he lost a tooth. He can’t wait to show his friends and teachers at school tomorrow, and to see what the Tooth Fairy leaves him.

Isn’t he looking so grown up with his buzzed hair and missing tooth?! I can’t believe it.

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  1. I always loved pulling teeth! I used to beg my brothers to let me pull their loose teeth! lol! Let me know if you need help with the next one 😉

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