It’s my blogiversary

You know you all do it. Read your own blog, that is. Back in February, I decided that in honor of my blogiversary (which was on March 8), I was going to read (well, at least skim) my entire blog and write a post about my favorites over the past 3 years. But, alas, projects like painting the kitchen cabinets and browsing movies on Netflix really took over my time. However, tonight is the night. Here are 15 of my favorite posts.

This gives me warm fuzzies all over.

I still love all these songs.

Want to read about my very first date?

Ever wondered what Connor would look like as a girl?

This made me laugh out loud.

And so did this.

I still can’t remember this neighbors name, but I will never forget him.

I’m glad I wrote down these memories of my dad.

I love conversations with Connor.

Please remind me in 6 years and again in 12 years to never do this to baby girl.

We still reference the prickly forest. And I still freak out in the middle of the night.

It seems like a lot of my favorite blog posts include old, somewhat embarrassing pictures.

I’m a little sad that there won’t be any cool moves like this this summer.

I think this post grossed the highest number of comments of any of my 458 posts.

Even without the blog, I don’t think I would ever forget this.

6 Replies to “It’s my blogiversary”

  1. it was so much fun rereading those entries and trying to guess which post it would be from your captions… you have the best stories! love you friend!

  2. Okay, you are officially the funniest person I know. I admit that I didn’t follow every link, but the pics of you and Derek are really hilarious. Andy and I got a big kick out of how “ol’ Logon”‘s hair changes more than yours does over the years.:) Also, I am loving the white teeth a la Ross and the pics of you as a kid. I’m sure your mom is awesome and all, but what was she thinking?!!! Congrats on your blogiversary. I feel like a big geek that I’m just now getting started.

  3. I totally forgot about the concept of “adult swim”! That was the single most frustrating phrase you could hear at the swimming pool…I remember just sitting on the side counting down the seconds until it was over, watching the adults swim laps. How boring!!

    I think now I would appreciate adult swim though. 🙂

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