New toy

Like I mentioned before, I ordered Photoshop Elements 6, and so far I am loving it! I’ve stayed up way too late the past two nights messing around on photoshop. I even revamped the blog a little…and I’m actually darn proud of myself because I figured out some html stuff when my husband was less than willing to help. So besides the new blog banner, check this out. I’m such a dork.

gladiator logan

And last night while Connor was at t-ball practice, I took some pictures of Logan playing in the backyard, just to have pictures to edit (and for some reason, the colors don’t look as saturated on my blog as the did in photoshop. Weird.) I especially love this first one. It’s a little deer in headlights, but I just love his little face!

Thanks for all the opinions about the backsplash. At first, I was leaning towards number 1, for the exact reasons some of you mentioned…the warmness and the way it brings out the floors. But when I brought them home, I started liking number 2 better. I am pretty sure we’re going to go with the silver, but I haven’t completely committed to that yet. I need to decide soon because I was really hoping this was going to be the weekend project. I can’t wait to see the entire thing finished!

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  1. CUte, cute new banner! And I love the pics of Logan! I wish I was there to help you install your new backsplash! So, I upgraded to PS6 this week too, but I haven’t had a ton of time to play…I may be calling you for some help!

  2. Yay about the photoshop!!! Fun, fun, fun. Check to see that your editing in 8 bits instead of 16 bits (under image > mode). That could be the issue with the blog. I’ve also heard of people having the same issue when they edit on a mac book. Hmmm…don’t know why. I love both of those pictures!!! I so wish I knew html.

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