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I really need some opinions on this. I am so close to finishing the cabinet painting project. It only took twice as long as I thought it would. Now I am tackling the backsplash. After consulting the internet and Suzanne with Kitchen Designs*, I’ve decided to use these wall tiles and just cover up the backsplash. It’s about a million times easier than tearing out the existing tile, plus it looks good, plus it’s not so permanent if we ever change our minds or move and the new owner thinks the kitchen is ugly and wants something more traditional. I really think it’s the perfect solution. So, I need your opinions. I like both of these colors for different reasons, but I am being super indecisive about it. I am leaning towards one (and I’m not going to say which one), but I wanted a few outside opinions. Down the road, I would love to invest in stainless steel appliances, but we are set with these for the time being. So, what do you think? I know it’s hard to imagine what the whole thing will look like…at least it is for me…but I would still love some opinions.

Option 1:
option 1

Option 2:
option 2

*Suzanne doesn’t have a business called Kitchen Designs, but with all of the phone calls I’ve put in to her in the past 3 weeks, she really should.

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  1. I vote for option #2. I think that it will look the best if you get stainless steel appliances. I know you are not going to do that right now, but if you do, I don’t think the first option will mesh well.

  2. #2–It will go well with the appliances you want and it looks the best with the counters you have. The cabinets turned out great!

  3. Wow looking at all the other comments it looks like Option #2 is a winner…however I’m gonna put a wrench into everything (ahhh, sorry!!) I’m really thinking Option #1. Here’s why…it gives a lil warmth and lil color. You’ve already got white countertops and going with option #2 good get a lil too monochromatic and then with stainless steel…option #1 will give a lil warmth. Okay there’s my opinion…but either way it’ll look terrific Meg!!! 🙂

  4. Hmmmm…that’s a tough call! I like the warmth of option #1 (like Corinne said) but you could always bring in color with your accessories on your counter tops! I’m no help at all!!!

  5. I am going with my first reaction, option 1. It is hard to tell colors on screen, but it seems the option 1 coordinates with the flooring…
    this seems like really cool stuff, Ive seen it at lowes, its like the plastic, molded and colored to look like metal right?

  6. I vote for option 2. Yes, it is monochromatic, but it will look much better if you ever get stainless steel. The B&W kitchen is really modern looking and I think the silver metal look goes better. Put a nice red cookie jar on the counter and some bright dish towels for a splash of color.

  7. Can you tell that your devoted readers are all opinionated? Me, least of all. I like Option #1. I like it because it picks up the warmth of your hard wood floors and connects them. I also like the contrast they offer to your white appliances, and how it will also do the same thing when you decide to have stainless appliances. I think if you use another accent color of anything on your counter top (like a ceramic red chicken or another collectible you like), it would be brought out by the first option back splash. There you have it, just one more opinion. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Kudos for you trying so many new things!

  8. Ok, now that I’m looking at it again, I’m torn too. You know I’m a fan of #1, since that’s what I have. Remember that I have stainless & black appliances too! Hmmm…. Either way it will look great! I don’t think that going w/ #1 will limit you at all color-wise, and it looks great w/ the floor! You & Derek will make the right decision!

  9. #2 looks great with the black. You could even make it look a little vintage (or warm up the silver) with some paint and a rag, if you wanted. I don’t know how this would be done because I’m always saying things like that without having a clue how to execute!

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