99 Days

It’s only 99 days until baby girl is due, which isn’t too much when you think that she started out with 280 days to go. In the next 99 days, we need to:

-Name her.
-Start and finish the nursery.
-buy a carseat. (I got rid of Connor and Logan’s infant seat for two reasons: first, it was all jammed with sand from the beach and the base was stuck to the carrier, and it could be unstuck with great force, but it sure was a pain. And second, it’s recommended that carseats only be used for 5 years since plastic can weaken over time. There’s my safety announcement for the day. We’re all about safety in this family. Derek is even on the safely patrol at work. Okay, maybe it’s not called the safety patrol, but I like to imagine that there are a bunch of science nerds running around wearing bright orange safety sashes handing out safety violations. Just like when Derek is working on a project, I like I to picture him laying on his stomach surrounded by markers, rubber cement, and printed pie charts, painstakingly gluing and lettering and creating a science project on one of those tri-fold poster boards.) I digress…
-find the perfect baby girl coming home outfit.
-buy all the necessary new mom and baby stuff.
-Enjoy all of her kicks and rolls.

26 weeks:
26 weeks

26 weeks

20 Replies to “99 Days”

  1. Wow! Only 99 days? She’ll be here before you know it! Thanks for sharing baby bump pictures. Your hair looks great!

  2. What I just wrote sounds bad. What I meant to say is that you look great and your hair looks especially great, too! I can’t figure out exactly what is different about it, but it looks good.

  3. Ha, chelsea…I would not have been offended by your first comment at all, but I see what you are saying. It made me laugh. Thanks for the hair compliment!

  4. Did you do something different to your hair? It looks gorgeous!!! Your pg belly my actually be whiter than mine!! lol Yay for only 99 more days…I’m at 89 😉 Although, I’m not in quite as big of hurry to get him out this time around. They’re much easier in the belly!! lol So have you narrowed down the name choices yet?!?

  5. Hey, that list isn’t TOOOOOO long! I think that getting rid of a carseat after being owned by two boys previously is enough of a reason!

  6. I’m glad you’re going with the silver tile. It’s more cohesive than the brown. It’ll also lighten it up with the dark cabinets.

  7. Just saw the post of Connor as a girl. You CANNOT show that picture to ANYONE until he is married! I can’t believe how much you are alike!

  8. Are you sure you didn’t doctor the color of that belly in photoshop the same way you did your teeth a while back? That is one WHITE belly!!!:) But you are absolutely adorable as a pg woman. And your hair is particularly gorgeous lately. BTW, too funny about your vision of Derek at work. I have similar visions of Andy’s nerdy job! I’ll help with nursery stuff, etc. Just let me know what needs doing.

  9. You are looking adorable!!! I can’t believe lil 100% will be here in 99 days. I was thinking of you today and almost called ya but, the kids wouldn’t let me. Did you ever get that green bikini? LOL!

  10. I love the header -great job!!!!! Maybe we can start a new business together – RM&RM Designs! I love your belly – cannot wait for that baby girl to be here!

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