all about the food, baby

Like any pregnant woman, food has become a big deal around our house. I have gotten quite particular and brand-y about food lately. That hasn’t been very pretty on the grocery bill… I still try to buy when it’s on sale, but I indulge myself even when it’s not. The baby needs it. Right?

Simply Orange Juice

A long time ago, I used to drink the frozen concentrate stuff, but once I tried the Tropicana or the Minutemaid stuff sold by the milk, I couldn’t go back to frozen. And then Simply Orange passed my lips. It is so, so delicious. Just the right mix of tart and sweet pulp-free goodness. I limit myself to orange juice in the mornings only or I would spend a fortune on this stuff.

Yoplait Yo-Plus yogurt in Blackberry Pomegranate

I think Suzanne told me about this yogurt. It’s the best! I am a big fan of anything that assists with digestive health…but besides that, it really is a great flavor and size. It’s great mixed with granola. I also like HEB’s brand of Yogurt Smoothies in strawberry. When I buy drinkable yogurt, I want it to be completely smooth, and HEBs is the smoothest I’ve tasted.

Dole or Dreyers Whole Fruit Popsicles

I have my sister to thank for the popsicle craze in our home. She bought the boys some Dora popsicles a few weeks ago, and we all loved them. The next time I was at the store, the whole fruit variety were on sale, so I picked up a box. Now it’s all I buy. It does make me feel a little better that if we eat a lot of popsicles they are at least the real fruit kind. But what really sold me is the texture. They are a little softer, so if you want to bite it, you don’t get that fingernails-on-chalkboard shiver. The lime in this particular brand are a little sour…I just save those for the kids. 🙂 They don’t discriminate between popsicles.

Fiber One Granola Bars in Oats and Chocolate

These taste like candy! And they really do help if you need more fiber in your diet. My kids love them, too, but I can only let them eat them occasionally…let’s just say they don’t need any extra fiber. I eat these a lot for a mid-morning snack, and they keep me full until lunch time.

Thomas Whole Wheat English Muffins

I love these toasted with only butter, or toasted with butter and cinnamon sugar. Derek is a bagel man, and I’m an english muffin girl. Both boys are like their dad and love bagels, which is fine with me because my english muffins last longer that way!


I have loved Life cereal as long as I can remember. My favorite way to eat it is with fresh strawberries cut up on top. The only drawback to Life is it gets soggy really fast. My family knows that once I sit down to eat my Life, I cannot get up until it’s gone or the bowl is ruined.

As you can see from my list of must-have food items, there really aren’t any dinner products.  Which is one reason why lately my kids eat cereal for breakfast.

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  1. I totally hear you on the food thing, thanks for including pics, now I know what to look for! Personally I have never been an OJ person, until this pregnancy. It just sounds so super yummy, I’m gonna have to give your favorite kind a try. Thanks for sharing!
    Hey, I still wanna see what your bathing suit looks like.

  2. Wow, you should be paid for your advertisements! I craved oj during pregnancy too, but if I drank it, I could just about guarantee I’d taste it again, if you know what I mean. Your cravings are all pretty healthy. Mine were all things like pies and donuts.:) Maybe that’s why you look so cute and I looked like a beached whale.

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