Look, Ma! No Hands

Oh, wait.  It’s actually the opposite of no hands.  She’s got a death grip on the table, and the look on her face just dares you to mess with her.

She didn’t do this by herself.  No, no.  I think she’s a ways from pulling up, unlike Logan who was full on crawling by 6 months, and I’m sure was pulling up around 7 months.  But she is getting stronger and likes to stand up, so of course I had to take some pictures of it.

A few things to notice: my coffee table is still a mess!  I just cannot get my act together!  And despite the fact that Camryn weighs about 18 pounds and usually wears a 9 month size (or at the very least 6 month), those pants are a 0-3 month.  And the top is actually a dress (size 6 month).  See how short the dress is?  And see how the pants still borderline fit?  Yeah, she’s got stubby legs.

So while I was setting up these pictures, getting my camera ready, I had Camryn just sitting on the floor.  Logan ran up to her, sat down beside her, and grabbed her hand.  It was the sweetest thing!  He loves her so much.  I just love their chubby little feet and the way they are holding hands. It totally melts my heart.

Such sweet little monkeys.

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  1. Hi,

    I found your blog through Shauna’a and I was “browsing” around. I have kids almost the same age. I love your damage control post. At that exact same time the same things were going on in my family and I have a post almost the exact same. Your kids are dolls.

    Take Care!

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