Down to an art

I think I’ve almost got this packing for 3 thing down to an art.  This is my third Friday spent organizing and getting ready for a swim meet.  The checklist:

-Tent, blanket for the ground, stroller, and chairs loaded in the van.
-Diaper bag packed, including 2 bottles, 2 meals, several snacks, diapers, wipes, paci’s, spare outfit just in case, sunscreen, bug spray, and soft fuzzy bear for nap time.
-Food bag packed, including bread, peanut butter, nutella, pringles, fruit snacks, goldfish, granola bars, dried pineapple, applesauce, plates, spoons, and a knife.
-Cold bag ready for the morning. Just need to throw in 2 gatorades, 2 juice boxes, 4 water bottles, 2 diet cokes, grapes, watermelon, apples, string cheese, and yogurt.
-Entertainment bag ready. Contents include markers, paper, and coloring books. Lego’s are also ready to go.
-Swimsuit, shirt, crocs, towel, and goggles out.
-Cami’s clothes laid out.
-Alarm set for 5:40.

The beautiful thing is it took me less than half an hour to get everything ready to go! You should have seen me the first week. It was quite the scene, in large part because I needed to do some major grocery shopping, so the food bag was a major source of stress. I feel like a swim team pro now.

Actually, since I officially survived the first day of summer (and had fun doing it), I’m feeling pretty professional right now. I’m also feeling list-a-rific…here’s a rundown of our day.

-Connor slept until 7:15. (That’s pretty much sleeping in in Connor Land.)
-Logan slept until 9:45. He does that about every 10 days since he should really nap more than he does, which is never.
-Little C and I worked on balance and saying mama and danced to the music on her stage. (this is seriously one of the greatest baby toys I’ve ever owned! She is crazy about it.)
-Big C and I played 3 games of Candy Land. He beat me 2-1.
-A little bit of cleaning in preparation of bunco at my house later in the week.
-Worked on the biggest Lego project to date.
-Played at the park. (and got eaten by mosquitoes.)
-Connor did 32 pages in a math workbook. I know, crazy, isn’t it?! His teacher gave it to him, and he is very serious about finishing the whole thing this summer. He might be the only kid in America who did school work on the first day of summer. He says he is going to work on it every day. When Connor get something in his mind, that’s that. He should be good and sharp for 1st grade in the math department!
-Logan played with play-doh for so long. I love that stuff.
-swam for an hour.
-walked to swim practice (Connor rode his bike, Camryn and Logan rode in the stroller.) The pool is only about .5 mile away, and walking there is our new thing. But when we got there, the swim team was nowhere to be found. So we walked to the farther pool, thinking maybe it got moved. Nope, not there either. We ended up going about 2.5 miles and all had a great time. I see some fun walks/bike rides in our future. I got home, checked my email, and found out that practice had been canceled. Oops!
-Ordered pizza for dinner. Vegged out, bathed 2 out of 3 kids (we figured Connor didn’t really need a bath since he’s swimming tomorrow morning. Frequent swimming counts as a bath in our family. Never mind that he rode 2.5 miles on his bike in Houston in June. Just don’t get too close to his head.)

So all in all, it was a great first day of summer vacation! One down…79 to go.

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  1. My sister has that toy and every time we go over there Maisy sits with it in her lap and sings forever… Glad y’all are having fun!

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