My baby girl {Clear Lake, TX Children’s Photographer}

I can hardly believe that in just a few short weeks, my baby girl will be 2 years old.  Actually, I can believe it.  She is showing all the telltale signs of being 2…you know, like the words “No!”  and “Mine!” constantly come out of her mouth.  But, truth be told, I really don’t mind the “terrible two’s.”  If you can look past all the sass and become a master at redirecting, it’s actually a pretty fun, spunky, wonderful age.

And besides, (almost) 2 year olds are so cute!  I caught Camryn in a super good mood recently and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.  These were all taken in my little natural light garage studio.

She is full of personality.  Can you tell?

Of course, I got some of these looks, too.  But I love this picture!

Oh how I love my baby girl.  I’m so glad she cooperated for this photo shoot.  She is so much fun!

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