It was a good day

I’m not going to lie.  It hasn’t really been a great week over here at the Thurman casa.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know my life isn’t always sunshine and roses and rainbows.  I just like to keep it real.   I rolled back into town with the kiddos on Sunday afternoon.  Monday, everyone was up bright and early which really wasn’t be best thing since Connor and I were fresh from camp and exhausted.  We laid low on Monday, which turned out to be the opposite of relaxing.  The boys fought.  Camryn whined.  I was cranky.  Derek had to commute to Katy (an hour and a half away at rush hour) which means he was home later than usual.  I was so ready for bedtime, and crashed rather early myself.  At 3 a.m., Camryn woke up screaming.  She was running a fever and it took quite awhile to get her (and myself) settled again.  Then she was up for the day before 6:30.  I was seriously so exhausted when I rolled out of bed.  I felt like I had not slept at all.  Since Camryn was running a fever, our plans for Tuesday were shot which meant another day at home.  And while I am a “stay at home mom”, we actually really like to have outings, especially during the summer.  It was a long, frustrating day.  I was so glad that I got to go play volleyball last night.  It was just the outlet I needed!  Nothing like pounding on a ball to get some frustration out!

Camryn still woke up early this morning, but I could tell it was going to be a better day.  Connor slept late and was finally acting like his normal, rested self.  Cam’s fever was gone so we could at least go to the library or something.  The boys were getting along right from the start.  Yes, it was a good day.

The boys went crazy in the backyard, just where boys should go crazy.




We went swimming.




The boys went crazy at the pool, just where boys should go crazy.




And there was only a little bit of this, which was a huge improvement from the past 2 days.


After dinner, it was such a gorgeous night out we decided to head to the soccer fields so Connor could play a little bit. With the World Cup happening, he’s got quite the soccer obsession right now.  He asks no less than 10 times a day if I can take him to the fields to play.  Too bad the mean, cranky, tired mom doesn’t want to sit out in an open field in the middle of the afternoon.  I was glad we could finally make his dreams come true with some soccer time tonight.


He really is getting good at hitting those corners and made Derek work to stop the goals!


Logan was very low key and just chilled with my phone under a tree  (which should have been a red flag since that is very un-Logan like.  He was crying by the time we got home, and now he is running a fever…poor kid.)


But all in all, it really was a great day.  And I’m very thankful for it.


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