Embrace the Camera

My bloggy friend Kristin (bloggy friend?  Real life friend?  We have met before, and I sure would love to hang out someday!)  Anyway, Kristin has been doing this for a few weeks, and I decided to play along today.  The idea is simple, but great.  As moms, we are usually behind the camera.  Embrace the camera is a chance once a week to actually get into the pictures with our kids.   Last night, I was happily snapping away, taking pictures of everyone else.  As I was laying on the ground, Camryn went into full attack mode, so I turned the camera on us.  The result cracked me up!


I’m going to try and keeping playing along with this!  I’ll have to start getting creative if I’m going to get the boys to willingly take pictures with me.   Thanks for the inspiration, Kristin!

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  1. Cute picture and I love the embrace the camera idea. I’m in very few of our pictures, so I might have to join in…if I’m brave enough. 🙂

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