Makin’ Mud Pies

Camryn got some great stuff for her birthday, and we sure have had fun playing with all the new goodies.  One of the favorites is the Makin’ Mud Pies outdoor kitchen.  All 3 kids have loved playing with it!  It’s a definite winner.  Last night, they all worked together to make some delicious mud pies.  Any toy that gets all my kids working together on a project is a winner in my book!  Connor was the official stirrer, Logan was the ingredient gatherer (grass and leaves) and Camryn added more dirt and water as Connor needed it.  I love when the work together and play nicely!



Sweet Camryn is always wanting to give her brother’s hugs and kisses.  Connor has been going to a day camp all week, and every morning Camryn insists on giving her big brother hugs and kisses good-bye.  It really is so sweet.  Last night while I was taking pictures, Cami just had to give Connor some kisses.   And if you are wondering about the hazy look to these pictures, it was really THAT humid outside.  It took several minutes for my lens to even de-fog and the pictures all had this hazy look to them.  Gotta love Houston!  Yesterday was one of the most hot and humid days I have ever felt.


Mud-speckled baby girl.  Looks like she really tried to eat the pie!


Thanks, Nonny and Pops, for the great toy!

And if anyone is looking for something new and fun for outside, I definitely recommend this toy!

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