Been a little m.i.a. from the blog over here! Summer is just as busy as I imagined it would be. My kids sure keep me on my toes and keep my schedule full! We’ve done a lot of fun stuff, some traveling, and made some great memories.

On of the trips I got to take this summer was to Kansas City for my beautiful sister’s wedding. She asked me to be her wedding photographer, which was a whole new experience for me! I had a lot of fun…not sure that weddings will be something I offer, but it was a really fun experience. Now that I’ve gotten most of the pictures edited, I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

(and sorry for the picture overload…how on earth do you narrow down wedding pictures?? I have over 100, and I haven’t even finished all of them yet!)

Love you guys!  And thanks again for trusting me with your big day.

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