Sweetest little one ever {Houston Preemie Photographer}

About a month ago, I bought a plane ticket to go visit one of my very best friends. Her water had broken at just 28 weeks pregnant and she was in the hospital on strict bed rest. When we planned the trip, we thought that she would still be in the hospital, and we would just hang out, watch movies, make crafts, and have fun while relaxing in the hospital.  Ten days before my scheduled trip, she went into labor and Elijah Michael came into the world at just over 31 weeks and 4 pounds of pure sweetness. So, plan B…still go visit Suzanne, drive her back and forth to the NICU, take pictures of Eli, hang out, and maybe even spend a few hours getting a pedicure and going out to dinner. But then, 4 days before my arrival, Suzanne had some serious complications.  We almost lost her (which I seriously cannot even think about, and I have not stopped thanking God for saving her.) So, plan C. Still go visit and help them out however I can. While it wasn’t one of our typical girl’s weekends, it was such a blessing to see Suzanne, give her a big hug, play with big brother Jaxon, and just be there for them.

And lucky me…I got to take pictures of Eli and Suzanne. These are probably some of my favorite images ever. Eli is such a miracle, in more ways than one.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one is definitely up there.  You can see it in his eyes.  He knows his mama.

Thank you Suzanne, not only for being such a special, amazing friend, but also for allowing me in to your family to capture these moments of you and Eli.

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