Another Fall Cutie {Clear Lake Texas Children’s Photographer}

I was just looking back through my photos and realized I never shared this cutie on the blog!  And he is way too cute not to share.  Mr. T and I actually go way back.  He was kind enough to model for me for my first newborn shoot back in February. He was such doll back then, and nothing has changed.  He is one loved, sweet, little boy!

He has the most gorgeous brown eyes.  And I love that he was trying to eat the pumpkins!  So typical for a 9 month old.

And check out these lashes.  How come the baby boys always get the most amazing lashes?  I’m totally jealous of those babies!

He just smiled and smiled and smiled some more.  I love this age, and he reminded me of all the reasons why.  When they are so cute and so smiley, you can almost forget that they are mobile and can get into all sorts of trouble.  Judging by how well he was standing and cruising at 9 months old, it won’t be long before T is running!

Thanks for bringing him out and letting me bask in his cuteness!  He made my job so easy and reminded me of all the reasons why I love what I do.

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