Running, running as fast as we can

Yesterday was the annual fun run at the boy’s school. The boys love running the Kids K, and this year I decided to run the 5k as well. We all had a great time and we even have a medal winner! (But you’ll have to read on to find out who it is.)

It was such a nice day yesterday. Early March in Houston is like a gift from the heavens. Such perfect weather! I know it’s only a matter of weeks before the humidity and the heat get here, so I’m going to try and soak up and enjoy every day of 70 degree goodness that’s bestowed upon Southeast Texas this time of year!

Since the 5k starts 30 minutes after the Kids K, I was able to stand at the finish line and capture all the action. First came Connor, placing 14th out of all the boys which is great considering they stagger the start with 5th grade going first! I loved the look of determination on his face as he ran to the finish line.

Just a few minutes later came Logan (and Derek and Cami.  Logan wanted D to run with him.)  Logan placed 22nd out of all the boys!

When Logan spotted me taking his pictures, he gave me this face.  He cracks me up!  According to Derek, he really did run fast the entire way.  Not that this is a commentary on Derek’s in-shapeness, but he was totally huffing and puffing at the finish.

Next up was my 5k.  I placed 14th out of all the girls, and finished in about 29 minutes.  Not lightening fast by any stretch, but I just wanted to finish in under 30 minutes.  It was weird to try and run faster when I am used to pacing myself for the long runs.  I should also mention that I was totally huffing and puffing at the end, too.  And I had a major side cramp.  We went out for brunch after church and in retrospect, eating a 3 egg omelet and drinking a coke an hour before running was probably not the smartest idea.  Lesson learned.

After the race, we all enjoyed snow cones and popcorn while we waited for the awards ceremony.  We were pretty sure that somebody was going to get a medal.

While we waited, Connor disappeared for a bit (not in a scary way, just in an he-went-to-get-a-snow-cone-and-now-where-is-he kind of way.)  I looked over at the big lawn at the front of the school and saw him.

So typically Connor.  Just sitting by himself, happy as a lark in his own space.  He told me he watched a bumble bee and just enjoyed the sunshine.  I love that he’s so comfortable just doing his own thing.  Meanwhile, Logan was over here:

Right in the middle of everything hanging out with one of his good buddies.

They couldn’t be more opposite of each other and those two pictures sum them up perfectly!

Finally, it was time for the medal ceremony.

Our own Logie B got 2nd place for kindergarten boys!  He was so thrilled.

His class dominated the medal ceremony, with two of his “girl” friends medaling as well!  We had to get picture of all 3 of them.  These girls love Logan.  I wish I had a picture (or even better, a video) of them greeting Logan when we first arrived at the race.  It was a greeting full of screams and hugs.  Too cute!  And to think I was even worried one bit about him making friends in school.

While Connor didn’t medal, he did a great job and placed 5th out of the 2nd grade boys.  There are some fast 2nd graders!

I always feel like i need to have an ending to my blog posts, but I can’t think of anything witty to put here.  So I’ll just end it with we had fun and I’m sure we’ll be back next year for more fun running!

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  1. yay for running! I’ve been seeing your fb updates about it, I have sorta gotten into running too. Just did my first 4 mile run for charity today! What great family time running with the kids.

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