Brand Spankin’ New {Houston Newborn Photographer}

I loved getting to spend my morning snuggling and photographing this little beauty.  At 6 days old, she is just a perfect little bundle of sweetness.

I was so excited about photographing a little girl so I could use my new little headbands and my new pink polka dot blanket.  I love photographing boys just as much, but I have to admit that the girls have it made as far as accessories go!

Miss M took a little bit to get to sleep (and of course as soon as I was leaving, she ate again and was out like a light!)  But I was able to get her nice and cozy and get some great sleepy shots.

I just love how she is giving a little half smile in this one.  She looks like she is having a sweet little dream.  You can’t really tell in this picture, but she has the cutest little dimple in her cheek, just like her big brother.  Must be a strong family gene!

Thanks again for letting me come spend the morning with y’all!  I loved every second of it, and I can’t wait to finish the rest of your gallery!

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