More of my favorite 3 year old

First, a little interview.

What’s your favorite color?  purple, pink, and yellow (the yellow is a bit of a surprise.)

What’s your favorite food?  ham, cheese, and milk. (yes.  every meal if she had her way.)

What’s your favorite toy? Cinderella (I’m surprised she didn’t say her babies or her little people.)

Who’s your favorite person?  Abby and Madison (she asks multiple times a week if they can come back to our house.)

How old are you? Three (sometimes she says two)

How old is mommy? Eight

How old is daddy? Two

What’s your favorite movie? Not Tangled (Yes Tangled.)

What’s your favorite TV show? Not Nemo.  Backyardigans. (She hates Nemo.  She watches the Backyardigans every single morning in my bed while I try to steal another 25 minutes of sleep.)

Where’s your favorite place to go? At ice cream. (I think she means snow cones because she actually doesn’t really like ice cream.  But she loves snow cones.)

Where is daddy? Work.

Who’s your favorite friend? Abby and Madison. (I thought she might say Dodder and Loby aka Connor and Logan)

What do you like to play with Daddy? Toys.

What do you like to play with mommy? I don’t like playing with you. (I don’t take it personally.  Three year olds are fickle beings.)

What do you like to play with your brothers? I not know.  I not like them. (whatev.  I think she is tired of my questions.)

More pictures from our photo shoot yesterday…

2 Replies to “More of my favorite 3 year old”

  1. LOVE the pics, Megan. She is absolutely precious. The interview, awesome. OK, I am still laughing at, “I don’t like to play with you”. LOL

  2. i love her spunk and charm! she is one of a kind, and yet i have a feeling she is going to be much like her momma in her fun ways! happy birthday beautiful camryn!

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