Photogenic {League City Texas Family Photographer}

Get ready to feast your eyes on a couple of the most photogenic children ever!  In my experience, 6 year old boys aren’t always the most willing photo subjects.  Now, at that age, I can usually get them laughing and smiling and having a great time.  But J showed up to our shoot with his smile ready!  This was one of the first pictures I took of him, and even at the end of our time, he was just as handsome.

J happily held his little sister and flashed us his amazing smile while we all worked to get Miss A smiling.  It must be in the genes, because she gave us this.

Of course, looking at their family photos, I would definitely say that it’s in the genes.  They were such a great family to photograph!

As important as it was to get family photos and photos of J, the real star of the show was their sweet not-s0-baby-girl who recently turned one.  She had the cutest outfits and was such a great sport during all the outfit (and bow) changes.   Nothing could bring her down!  She is such a happy girl.

During her very last outfit, her adorable Halloween costume, she decided it was time to show her more serious side.  I love it just as much as her huge happy grin!  She is a beautiful little girl.

Thanks so much for the great session!  And for having such adorable and easy going kids.  My camera loved them!

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