Hurricanes don’t ruin everything {Galveston Beach Photographer}

I’m so glad that despite the last minute circumstances, I was able to meet up with this sweet family at the beach this week.  They had to change their vacation plans at the last second because of Hurricane Isaac and ended up in Galveston instead of Florida.  I know that the gulf beaches of Galveston can’t compare to the Gulf beaches of Florida, but they made the best of it and were all smiles at our session.  So take that Hurricane Isaac!  You can dump rain and try to ruin vacations, but you can’t take the fun and happiness out of a family vacation!

These three kiddos had me laughing and smiling our whole session.  They were sweet and fun and adorable, the perfect combination for great pictures.

The oldest of the bunch was an adventurer at heart.  He couldn’t wait to wrap up the photo taking part so he could dig for crabs and swim.  He knows his priorities!  But despite the fact that he would rather be swimming than taking pictures, he was all smiles for the camera.

The littlest of the bunch was just the opposite–and as a mama of two boys myself, I totally get boys that are so different!  He loved the sand and running around, but had no interest in getting wet or muddy.  No problem, buddy.  We can work around that!  As you will see, he was all smiles and happy as can be.

Right in the middle of these two handsome guys is this sweet little princess.  She is just the perfect mix of girly-girl and rough and tumble.  I find that is often the case with the girls in a boy dominated family!  She was spunky and sweet and has a beautiful head of hair that would make any grown woman jealous.  She brought so much personality and fun to our evening.

Thank you guys so much for contacting me and allowing me to spend the evening with y’all!  It was really wonderful to meet you guys.


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