The Toddler Life {Leage City Children’s Photographer}

I keep telling myself that I’m going to go on maternity leave one of these days, seeing as I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and chasing after toddlers is getting more and more difficult!  But the bottom line is I love my job, and I simply don’t want to stop yet!  These two little cuties definitely brought the energy, but they were so much fun and so cute.  Totally worth all the sweat and the sore legs I’m sporting today.

With big brother being just two and a half, and little brother just 11 months old (but 100% mobile and all over the place!), I was honestly a little shocked when I got home and saw this photo.  I think they sat on this stool together for about 2.4 seconds before they both hopped off and ran in different directions.  Cracks me up.  There is just so much world to explore!  Why on earth would two busy little boys want to sit in one spot together, right?  But when I could get there attention, even for just a split second, the camera loved them.

It’s no surprise they are such photogenic little boys.  Their mom and dad are the same way!  They are a gorgeous family, no doubt about it.

And I just have to include this photo as well.  This pretty much sums up a photo shoot with two young toddlers!  We were trying one last time to get the boys together, and big brother was honestly being so sweet.  You can see how the little man felt about it all!  He was so done!

Isn’t this just the reality of life with kids?  I love it.  And I loved these boys, this session, and I’m so glad that I brushed off maternity leave for one more week.

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