Mama Love {Friendswood Family Photographer}

This family booked a session with me after I took their oldest son’s photos at his preschool.  (And, by the way, this session took place back in March, when it was still surprisingly cool outside!  Oh, the blessed cool days…I remember them so fondly and they seem so long ago…)

Anyway, I was super excited about that, because look at this little cutie!

His little brother is pretty darn cute, too!


Which really is no surprise…such a super sweet family.  Loved getting to know them!  If I remember correctly, they were pretty happy when the little guy got is Texas Tech guns up!  Gotta love Texas colleges and their loyalties.  Good thing he didn’t throw a Longhorn or a Gig ‘Em…


Although I’m sure the mama love runs deeper than college loyalty.


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