Kindergarten Graduation

Seems fitting that I should blog about Camryn’s kindergarten graduation since school starts in just over a week (glory, hallelujah!)  She was so excited about her graduation ceremony.  Since we started at a new school last year, it was all new and different for us.  At our old school, they did a cute little program and ceremony during the afternoon, but the new school did a big evening shindig.  Camryn wanted to get all fancy for the occasion.  She is such a girl!  As luck would have it, her graduation ceremony was exactly 6 weeks after she got her ears pierced, so she got to change her earrings for the very first time.  She looked so grown up (and so beautiful, if I do say so myself.)



The program was so cute!  They sang several songs, and she to walk across the stage to get her diploma.  This photo is SO grainy (hello, iso 25,600…that’s a new one for me!) because the gym was so dark, plus we were standing at the very back (little did we know this was a standing room only event.)  I’ll have to compare this photo with her 2026 graduation photo!


After the program, we went back to her classroom to collect some papers.  I had to get a picture of Camryn and her bff, you know, not only for now, but also for when we take their picture together after their high school graduation.  They are so stinkin’ sweet together, and I won’t lie, I hope that this is a friendship that lasts and lasts.  My biggest worry (and the thing I prayed about most) when she started school was that she would make a good friend.  Our prayers were answered with Julia, and I am so thankful.


And speaking of thankful, Mrs. K is just the bees knees.  Camryn had such an amazing kindergarten year, all thanks to her.  She was amazing.  Kind, loving, patient, fun, sweet…everything you would want you baby girl to have for her first time at big kid school.


And with that, we have a first grader.  My baby girl is growing up.

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