I’ve had the privilege of watching this sweet girl grow from a snuggly little 4 month old to a wiggling and crawling 9 month old to a full fledged walking and talking one year old.  We will meet one more time to get some great outdoor walking shots, but this weekend’s session was all about the cute 1 year old props and the cake smash!

Kyra’s mom had the cutest outfits and props for our session.   Kyra, like most one year olds, was super busy and not too interested in staying on the backdrop.  But no worries!  She loves this book, and we were able to first get this sweet picture of her reading her favorite book, and then distract her enough to stay for a few more shots.

Again, look at her cute hat and sash!  Considering how many outfit and accessory changes we squeezed in, Krya did great!  She is so cute–still a fairly serious little girl, I think especially if she knows the camera is on her.  I’m sure she is all smiles at home!  I love her serious little face.  You can tell she is a smart little girl, taking in the world around her.

She was so cute playing with her balloons a cake!

And she even tried a bite of her cake!  We weren’t sure she was going to make it into her mouth, but she did.  And luckily, we got the one little taste on camera!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.  Lots of love and adventure, I’m sure of it!

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