Lucky 7

Seven years ago I was here:

Happy Anniversary, my love!

Today, I was here:

I had to go to the mall to finish up a little Christmas shopping. Connor informed me that he needed to sit with Santa again because he had changed his mind about what he wants. No longer is a real Apollo 13 astronaut helmet number one on his list. Now he wants a new model space shuttle, since his broke. Lucky for Connor, Santa had held off on purchasing the helmet, and he might just be able to get that space shuttle. I seriously can’t wait for his eyes to totally light up Christmas morning when he sees his shuttle!

And here’s a happy little Christmas story for you all. I hadn’t planned on buying a pic of Connor with Santa. Connor didn’t want one taken, and honestly, it’s a total rip off, right? Well, they took his pic anyway, and of course then Connor wanted it. I decided to just go ahead and buy it-the Santa was totally realistic looking. Plus I love the C dressed himself this morning in his Bob the Bulider shorts, NASA Halloween costume shirt, and Chuck Taylors. We had a really fun morning, and the pic would be a nice keepsake. So I pull out my wallet, and the nice woman working there says, “Oh, I just want to give this to you. I know you weren’t planning on buying it. Just have a Merry Christmas!” It just made me so happy! What a great little act of kindness. It totally makes me want to find someone to bless like that.

I love Christmas!

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  1. Ok – you could so get the picture lady fired! I mean – how in the world is Santa supposed to make any money if his generous little helper is just giving stuff away!!!!! 🙂 JK! THat is wonderful story! I miss you so bad RM!

  2. okay, i love that story about the santa picture. don’t you just love little things like that?! happy anniversary!! got your xmas card… so cute!! xo.

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