I have started blogging like 3 times, and every time I start it just sounds boring. And if it’s boring to me, then it is certainly boring to you guys! I finally got around to getting the pics off my camera from our trip to Arlington last week. Here are a few of my favorites:

the kiddos waiting to sit with Santa.
December 312.jpg

Mr. GQ…
December 319.jpg

Who turned into Mr. I Hate Santa Clause.
December 324.jpg

The scene captured here just seems so typcial of me and the boys. I can’t remember exactly what I was saying, but I know I wanted to get a picture of us with Santa and Logan was still traumatized and Connor was being…well…Connor about the whole thing.
December 349.jpg

I had our sitter take a picture of us before our date last night (which was of course really fun.) Connor felt the need to be in the pic with us.
December 419.jpg

And then insisted of taking one of us himself. I like how Logan is in this one with us.
December 420.jpg

And, finally, a pretty cute one of the boys. Those are extremely hard to come by! Oh, and please notice their outfits and how sweaty Connor is. This was taken Saturday…which was what…the 16th of December? Welcome to Houston…
December 393.jpg

More blogging tomorrow. I have a few Christmas related things I want to write about and remember.
Only 6 more sleeps til Christmas!

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  1. Love Logan’s spiky hair!

    And I feel ya on the weather…I – the most cold natured person on earth – should not be wearing short sleeves in December!

  2. I have to agree with Staci… Logan IS a little hottie! Wow, you’re going to have your hands full!

    You look super, super skinny in the pics w/ santa! I’m convinced I need to start running!

    I’m glad you guys got to go on a date! It’s funny how pics of you & your husband diminish once the kiddo’s get here!

  3. So glad I’ve found your blog!!!!!! It’s in my favorites right now!! Yay!!! Those pics are so cute!!! Hope you’ll have a great Christmas!!! Big hugs from The Netherlands!!! Nancy

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