Space Freak

I think I may have mentioned before that Connor and Logan have started playing together. Like actual playing, laughing and having fun. Together. In the same room. I have waited nealy 21 months for this. Maybe some people are lucky enough to get two kiddos who love to play together from birth, but let’s just say that we were not so lucky in that area.


They were playing together happily on Planet Connor (that’s what we call his room now.) I heard a bit of banging, so I went back to remind them not to throw toys. “Okay, mom.” And they happily played for quite some time.

Fast forward several hours later. Derek and Connor head back to clean Planet Connor, and I am summoned. Appearantly, Planet Connor is at least a 3 person job that night. Because my boys decided to dump toys all over his room. Wall to wall lincoln logs, blocks, trucks, costumes, legos, get the idea. So I ask Connor what happened. And he replies, “Well, me and Logan decided to play space shuttle Challenger. That’s the one that blew up, you know.”


I offically finished Christmas shopping today! I spent the afternoon shopping all by myself, and it was fantastic. In about 3.5 hours I went to 5 stores, and even had a peaceful lunch. Now all of the presents are wrapped and under the tree. I can’t wait for Christmas!

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  1. “that’s the one that blew up, you know”… duh mom! that’s funny, but i’m sure not fun to clean up!!

    How nice that you got to go shopping all by yourself! 3 days till christmas!!

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