Thank God I’m a Country Boy

cowboy cutieI have always loved a kid with a good ol’ Texas accent. I remember back in the day when Juli Beth’s son Wade was learning to talk and I fell in love with his little country boy twang. I remember thinking I wanted my kids to learn to talk in Texas so they could sound like him. Well, Logan is turning into a little country boy. I don’t hear it in Connor as much, probably because he learned to talk in the land of surfers, not the land of cowboys. But Logan is perfecting the art form of turning turning one syllable words into two syllable words. “Mommy, I need chocolate mee-ilk.” “Mommy, it’s ober day-er” (aka over there). Oh man, there are more but I am drawing a blank! His twang makes D and I laugh because no one else in the family has it quite as much as him. I for one think he’s a super cute cowboy.


Connor is slightly obsessed with time. He is always aware of what time it is, loves to look at clocks, and even loves to watch clocks turn to the next number. He knows that his bedtime is 7:30, and if I try and put him in bed before then, it’s an issue because it isn’t time yet. Last night, he needed to go to bed earlier because he was up before 6 a.m. and didn’t go back to sleep (although he did stay in his bed until 7:00 because he knows that’s the time he is allowed to get up.) Anyway, I told him his bedtime was going to be 7:00 and of course he balked at the news. So I said “well, I can change your clock to say 7:30 if that will make you happier.” It worked. He thought it was so cool that we could change the time. I wonder if he thought I was really moving time forward. He ended up wanting his clock changed to 12:00. He thought he was big stuff staying up until midnight. At 12:10 (aka 7:10) he wandered out to the hallway. I stood in his doorway scratching my growing, itchy belly. He looked up at me (slightly sheepish because he knows he really isn’t supposed to be out of bed), walked up to me and gave my belly the softest hug and sweetest kiss. The he looked up at me and said “mommy? Can you get in my bed for a minute?” Oh my word, it was so sweet! How could I say no after that! We cuddled for a nanosecond and the conversation turned back to time. “Mommy? I’m just going to watch my clock until it turns to 1:00.” I have no doubt that he would lay there in his bed, willing his eyes to stay open just to watch the numbers turn for 50 minutes. So I moved time again to 12:45. Twenty minutes later, he was fast asleep. At 7:30. Or 1:05. Same difference.


PS-I love David Archuleta.  I voted for him like 10 times yesterday.

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  1. That’s so funny about Conner and time!

    Oh…I’m sooo looking forward to being back in TX so that Brody and the new baby grow up with a TX twang!!! I think it’s precious!

  2. I agree with you and Staci- I was in shock when watching the Hastings home videos and how much of a Texas TWANG those kids had! It was adorable 🙂

    I was (and sadly still am) just like Conner and time.

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