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Today I saw a man get out of his car and help a stranger push his broken car through the intersection to the gas station. It warmed my heart. Most people just get irritated that someone is blocking traffic. But this kind man got out and helped. I loved it, and I bet that man has no idea that he not only helped the guy with car trouble, but also reminded me that there are good, helpful, selfless people out there. There are still those that will stop and help a stranger in need.

Any scrapbookers who happen to read my blog, you need to check out the Paper Trunk blog for a contest to be next months Guest Designer!

My dog managed to get a hold of 5 or 6 leftover pizza cheese sticks. Sneaky little booger. What do you suppose the odds are that he is going to puke those things up? I foresee the pregnancy card being played on that one…

I have a new Friday tradition. A few weeks ago I started seeing a chiropractor about some nagging back pain. Turns out that two of my good friends also go to this same chiropractor. We all have appointments at the same time of Friday mornings. Afterwards, we head to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. Every time, I order one blueberry pancake, a side of hashbrown casserole, a side of bacon, and sweet tea. My friends also order the same thing every time (did I mention that they are pregnant, too? We are all due within 2 weeks of each other.) Over the past 3 weeks, it has become one of the highlights of my week. I hope we continue our Cracker Barrel tradition even after our chiropractor parties are over.

Pregnant moment of the weekend. I had a brunch/baby shower to attend on Saturday morning. I decided I wanted to bring this yummy, homemade hashbrown casserole. I had my entire Saturday morning planned to the minute. Get ready. Prepare casserole in addition to breakfast for the fam. Get Connor ready for t-ball. Get Logan dressed for the day. Send Derek and Connor off to the fields at 9:30. At 9:55, put casserole in the oven. Pack up Logan and head to the t-ball game. At 10:45, leave t-ball game, swing by the house to pick up the piping hot casserole, and head to church. It was so smooth in my head. The only problem was the brunch started at 10:00, not 11:00. And I realized this at 9:50. After a mad dash to the t-ball field to drop off Logan, and a quick stop to HEB to pick up already made muffins, I made it to the brunch only 20 minutes late. Did I mention that I even had written on my calendar that it started at 10:00? Good one, Meg. Good one.

I’ve gotten tagged on a few blogs do list 7 random or unknown things about myself. I haven’t done it for several reasons. For one, I’ve done it before. And two, it really takes some thought to write a post like that. Last night I thought of one thing I would add to the list, so I decided I will just blog seven random things as I think of them. This is one of those things that cements my dorkiness in stone. When writing an email, I will spend a considerable amount of time obsessing over how to sign it. Should I sign this email love? Sincerely seems too formal…love isn’t always appropriate…just signing Megan seems too cold…I’ll spend more time coining the perfect ending than on writing the actual email. This is especially bad if I’m writing an email to a group of people. There might be some in the group who would get a -love, Megan, but others who just need a -talk to you soon, Megan. Sometimes I go as far as to save a draft of the email so I can think over my choice.

I will also get obsessive over punctuation, specifically exclamation points. I really am an excitable person, and I think I write like a talk. But too may exclamation points is annoying. I always have to make sure I have the correct balance of periods and exclamation points. I don’t want anyone to think I am a freak! 🙂

In the time it’s taken me to write this, Austin has regurgitated a cheese stick. It was pristine. I’m certain that one of my children would have picked it up and eaten it tomorrow morning if we left it on the floor. It was that perfect. One down, four to go…

See you soon…talk to you soon…love…blessings….sincerely….

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  1. I guess that means that you think I’m annoying when I use a lot of exclamation points!!!!!! I do it all of the time!!!!! 🙂

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