Earth Day

Okay, I’ll admit that I forgot that today was Earth Day until I read a blog this morning that mentioned it.  And I’ll also admit that I’m not the “greenest” person around.  But I still value this earth that God gave us, and I try and do my part to take care of it.  That may only look like teaching my kids not to litter, but it’s s start.

That reminds me of a story.  At Connor’s t-ball game on Saturday, Derek watched a little boy spit his gum out on the ground, right next to the bleachers.  Derek, trying to be polite, says “hey, I think you dropped your gum.”  The boy ignored him.  So Derek turns to the kids mom who is standing right there and says “I think your son dropped his gum right there.”  The lady replies, “well, he can’t eat it.  It’s on the ground.”  Derek couldn’t believe it.  What did my conscientious husband do?  Found a leaf and picked up this kids gum.  I can’t believe that mom didn’t see a problem with her son spitting his gum out, right where people walk.  I know it’s just gum (which is probably biodegradable), but come on.  Let’s bet better than that!


In honor of Earth Day, Paper Trunk is having a giveaway on their blog.  Paper Trunk is the first scrapbook company to go green.  The papers are printed on recycled paper, and the inks are environmentally friendly, too.  If you are interested in winning some cool scrappy paper, head on over to the blog and leave a comment!

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  1. Your DH rocks, it’s a shame that the mom @ the game has no worries or shame for letting gum stay on the ground. Guess that means the son will most likely never care either…kudos to DH.

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