I am highly distractable

Don’t you think there should be like a “National Comment on Every Blog You Read Day?” I was just thinking about all the blogs I read (some of them for over three years), and there’s a ton of them that I never comment on. Not sure if it’s because I feel a big stalker-ish since a lot of them are people that I do not know in real life. Or if it’s just a time issue (I spend enough time on the internet as it is.) Maybe it’s both. At any rate, I’ve decided that I am going to leave at least one comment on every blog I read in the near future. If you read mine and don’t comment, I’d love for you to say hi! My blog stats tell me that there are more than 6 or 7 readers…

You know what else my blog stats tell me? The search query report. I had no idea there were so many descriptive words for bangs. Bangs. Side swept bangs. Side bangs. Cute bangs. Side sweep bangs. Cute side bangs. Bangs photos. Side swoop bangs. I also had no idea that my blog was such an authority on all things bang-related.

Other search queries that made me laugh: snot rocket, what the frak is going on (I can guarantee you that search pointed to Derek’s blog), ugly kid, and ugliest kid. I can guarantee you that search finds my blog because I put pictures like this on here

Hmmm…what sort of bangs are those??

Moving on…

I’m going to save the other blog in my head for tomorrow. Did you know that it’s been 13 years since Derek and I started dating? Just a few weeks ago, we had the 13th anniversary of our first date. We don’t really celebrate it or anything, but I always think of Meg and Derek, The Early Years, when August 14th rolls around. Anyway, I have loved reading everyones love stories and I think soon I’m going to start writing ours down. I saw this fun little question thing on another blog that I was going to do, but I got distracted thinking about how it’s on a blog that I never comment on but have read for about 3 years, and one thing led to another, and here we are. It was going to be the beginning of the story of us, and instead it’s the ugliest kid picture of all time.

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  1. hi, ok, i admit, i have been reading your blog for a while!! maybe that is a little wierd, but i find you and your family totally cute and real.. and the fact that you just had another baby.. i want another one so bad, and my husband says no way no how….. (it would make 4 kids).. so i kinda live vicariously thru you and your pregnancy and stuff… and i used to live in texas, which i miss terribly.. ok, and i found your thru carrie postma.. she is my best friend from grade school and high school.. so that is how i found you…
    carry on, carry on.. and your nursery and kitchen are completely awesome!
    TREE Plantinga ( no, not my real name, my nickname, given in college that stuck!)

  2. first…hi Tree! You guys would have lots to chat about since you both worked the APU campus.

    What the frak. I almost wet myself when I read that! I know I can always get a good giggle by reading your posts. “I’m a Megan Blog Stalker and I’m proud of it!”

  3. Great picture Megan…I have soooo many like that, but would never post them on a blog. Actually, I don’t even let my husband see them. You’ve got guts! Oh, and I’m a Megan Blog Stalker and proud of it too!

  4. I love that picture!!! I can’t believe you put it on your blog. If I could find one of those I might put it on my blog too, well, maybe not!
    I am glad that you stalk blogs too, and you are right I should probably leave a comment too. Maybe I will find time today.
    Are you having fun with just Cam?

  5. Of course, I check your blog daily! How else would I know what is going on in my grandkids life? I don’t comment often, but love reading the comments. Let me tell you that those bangs do have a name – they are the dreaded “mother cut” bangs – guaranteed to be too short and a little crooked! I wore them myself as a youngster.

  6. I’ve been feeling like a big creepy stalker ever since I started reading your blog when Camryn was born. I’m addicted now. Your family is so adorable. I even go back to read old stuff. Thank you for writing! I feel like I’ve learned so much from you on how to be a good mom. Hopefully I’ll get to be one too someday.

  7. Of course I read!!! I also wish everyone that reads my blog would post a comment. I actually get frustrated sometimes thinking that no one is even reading it so why take the time to post. I’m not turning mine into a book or anything. It’s a way to keep in contact with friends and share my life. I try REALLY hard to post a comment on all of your posts and everyone elses blogs as well. I will keep trying!!! Love the bangs. I would NEVER have the guts to post some of my pics.

  8. This is my third try…Im such a bad comment leaver I dont even know how to do it! Anyway, hi Megan! I suppose its been about 10+ years since we’ve seen each other. I have been reading your blog for well a couple of years now. I guess that makes me a dedicated stalker! I have enjoyed watching your family grow…

  9. First off… that pic rocks!!
    I feel like a blog stalker as well. I read soooo many blogs and don’t comment 1)out of fear that they won’t remember me and wonder why am I commenting on their blog or 2)I have never met that person and their first impression of me would be “creepy”!

  10. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I’ve never commented. I found you through my second cousin, Juli Beth’s, blog. I love your hilarious stories about your boys. And, yes, I too feel a little stalkerish. But it sounds like there are a lot of people blog stalking; no one admits to it, though!

  11. You know I read, so I’ll just comment with my blogger stats. My biggest search term is “I hate apartment living”/”Hate living in flats.” I didn’t know I was an apartment guru!

  12. Hi Megan, you’re so right about leaving comments on blogs you read, so here’s mine! I only started reading your blog recently because I wanted to see pictures of the little princess (she’s so cute!) but I’m becoming a dedicated stalker too 🙂 Anyway, I’m Linda from Classyscrappers, following your blog all the way from France!

  13. Megan, I read yours religiously… probably a little stalker-ish as you say! I met you when you tried out for the DT over at Scrappers Galore, I even have a recipe card of yours, which means you probably have one of mine!

    I did see you at Sea World one time, but thought that was entirely TOO stalkerish to walk up and say hi! tee hee! I live right down the road in Richmond! 🙂

    congrats on the baby girl!

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