I’m not the only one getting a little artistic this week, if it’s even considered artistic to paint a room a color that makes me either sing the Oompa Loompa song, or throw up the Longhorn sign and say hook em’ horns.  Don’t take that to mean I don’t like it because I really am happy with the orange.  It’s a bit crazy and bold, but it’s fun and different and Logan loves it.  I can’t wait until I have some light tomorrow (and get a chance to finish cleaning it up) so I can take a pic of the finished product.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the latest budding artist.  She loves to color (and eat markers, as you will see.)

Whenever you start an art project, the first step is to sit very still and thoughtfully wait for inspiration to strike.


Then, carefully start your masterpiece.  It helps to hold a crayon in each hand for quicker color changes.


As you get going, get really excited about the creative energy flowing from within.   Express this excitement with lots of loud noises and super excited faces.


Always remember that art doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s okay if you mess up a little.


Just make sure you smile sweetly at the person in charge if you make a mess.  Chances are the boss will just let it slide.


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